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You can help Your Child In Maths...FAST with
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  • Australia's Leading Maths Learning program.
  • Now the World's #1 Mathematics Program.
  • Full-screen, narrated, animated, teacher-explained lessons.
  • Committed to getting Kids to Smile about Mathematics!!
  • Complete syllabus Home Tutorial Maths learning software.
  • Created by education experts with years of real teaching experience in public & private schools.
  • Committed to the ABSOLUTE HIGHEST QUALITY education at the most affordable price.
  • More than just a game or tutor.
  • Instant Reports and Feedback!
  • Qualified phone tutor back-up.
  • Available in 1 or 2-year modules.
  • Yours to keep for the whole family.
  • Simple to use for all kids & parents!
  • Around just $2 per Lesson!
Less than $5 per week for Maths POWER tuition.
Maths Power - Cool Maths POWER kids suceed with top mathematics results.

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Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know that my son, Jude - who started with Maths Power earlier this year - has been chosen to receive an Honour Award for Numeracy!! The award is one of 2 awards given out per class once a year, so they're as rare as hen's teeth! It reflects the degree of improvement he's made with maths over the last few months.

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say it's largely due to Maths Power! ...Read More

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The Leading Mathematics Program across Australia and now World-wide including the U.S.A, Canada, the U.K. New Zealand, France, China, Malaysia, the Phillipines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Papua New Guinnea, Fiji, Dubai, Zambia and Japan.
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Families trust Maths POWER because ALL information, including prices, sample lessons, recommendations and comparison with other maths programs, is provided up-front on this website and by phone.
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Father Chris Riley, from Youth Off The Streets, says

"I strongly support and endorse the Maths POWER program because I have used it on the kids in my care and I can see the difference it makes."

Fr Chris Reily
The Maths POWER Tutoring / Learning Software programs feature:
  • Engaging, step-by-step, full screen graphics and voiced, teacher explanations on EVERY maths lesson.
  • Maths activities/worksheets with every lesson, essential for complete tactile learning of mathematics.
  • Interactive mathematics games and drills plus randomly generated sections for Year 5 and up.
  • Only comprehensive mathematics program totally relevant to the new Australian maths syllabi.
  • Total support, maths tutors, tests / exams, maths teachers...a complete maths teaching program.
How the Maths POWER Tutoring / Learning Website can help You:
  1. Use our Free Online Maths Assessment to check exactly how much of the syllabus your child understands.
  2. Use our Free Online Maths Recommendation Guide or our free, confidential Phone Advice Line on 1300 -1- MATHS.
  3. Enrol only with the maths modules your child needs, not a 6-12 year program that some maths sales companies try to sell you.
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At Back to the Future - Maths POWER, we are passionate about ALL Aussie kids reaching their full potential with confidence and happiness not just with learning maths. We are proud to support, help and sponsor many organisations, including;

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