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How Maths POWER for Infants and Primary Students Works

    Primary School Maths Student
  1. Put together by our experienced Australian teachers.
  2. The most up-to-date program covering the latest syllabi from all Australian States. It covers every single concept in the curricula plus more concepts that we believe are essential for the student. No other computer program is available in Australia today that covers all the latest syllabi.
  3. Simple, easy to follow graphics with engaging teachersEvoices explaining every lesson. (REAL Australian teachersEvoices ENOT computerised or robotic!)
  4. After students complete a lesson they attempt an activity, which is essential to consolidate the work they have just learned in that lesson and to demonstrate an understanding of the correct setting out.
  5. Mum, Dad, or the student can enter the results into the computer and worked solutions are also provided (by typing in a password -so bad luck kids- no cheating allowed!)
  6. The best feature about the program is that the student cannot move forward unless 90% or better is achieved. This means that a child is never going to move onto new work until they have mastered the pre-requisite work.
  7. A Phone Tutor is available Monday to Thursday between 4pm and 7pm. (tutor internationally)
  8. Every ten lessons the student can print off a certificate and a game or maze for fun as a reward and from Year 5 up there are half-way and completion tests that test them on all the work so far.
  9. When the student is half way through the program they send in for a prize from us as a reward for the child’s efforts. This gives the students great motivation and a sense of achievement. The kids absolutley love this feature.
  10. They also receive another prize when they have completed all the lessons.
  11. At any stage through the program parents can print a report by lesson, showing the child’s progress or you can even print a report by topic which shows the parent which topics are the students strengths or weaknesses. You no longer have to worry about lack of specific information on school reports.
  12. It includes access to a Parent Education Advice Line between business hours Monday to Friday.
  13. Maths POWER is the finest maths program available today and has been featured on A Current Affair and Today Tonight because of the quality, price and the excellent results our students are achieving.
  14. Peace of mind that Maths POWER is the appropriate maths program for your child, with the most reputable and recognized Australian Education Company, Back to the Future Education!
Maths POWER Primary school folder

Because students work at their own pace, Maths POWER is suitable for children who are behind as well as being able extend students who are gifted and talented. It prepares students to enter high school with the utmost confidence and a solid understanding of the maths concepts required for success. Maths POWER is also used to prepare students for selective high school and scholarship exams.


Maths POWER is the most affordable option at only $220 for a one-year Infants or Primary module including previous year’s revision and following year’s extension ($420 for a 2-Year High School module). Compare that to traditional tutoring which is around $400 per TERM (Not year), and other non-Australian computer-tutoring programs costing an up-front $4000-$8000 purchase price. With Maths POWER, we also allow families to pay in monthly installments and there are discounts for families requiring more than one module.

(Click here to view full price and product comparison)

So how does it all work?

This question is probably best answered by the following excerpt from the review of the program by teacher, Cathy Brown, editor of Virtual Teacher web site and newsletter.

“Imagine a lesson in which you explained a concept from beginning to end logically, with a little flair, a few insightful comments and NO interruptionsE/p> Maths POWER Infants folder

The MathsPOWER folk have given a teacher this opportunity, and it is brilliant. The voice over teacher explains each Maths concept logically, in a consistent manner. The teacher asks questions to provoke thought and engage the listener. The voice is not patronizing, it is informative, it makes you feel as if you are being let in on MathematicsElittle secretsE

Like any good teacher, the MathsPOWER teachers break problems down into smaller components and consistently solve problems using the same logical steps. The instructions are simple and clear and it seems as though the teacher is talking directly to you. The lessons work from the simple to the complex in logical steps, and with no interruptions, even algebra can seem easy.

Efter logging into the program the student watches and listens to a lesson. At the end of the lesson you print out an exercise sheet for the student to attempt a number of questions.

Once the questions are answered using good old pen and paper, the results are entered into the computer. Click OK, and the percentage achieved is displayed. YOU CAN HAVE A SECOND TRY if you have not achieved 90% or more. This is great, you really feel in charge, you have the power. Correct those few pesky little mistakes.

Once 90% is achieved you can progress to the next lesson.

The program keeps a record of your results and progress; you can also keep a written record EThere you have it, Bob’s your uncle.
Slick, effective and NO interruptions.

The presentation is simple, it doesn’t try and get too complex and uses predictable procedures. Headphones are an advantage; a non-interruptible clear concise explanation of mathematical concepts is a dream.

This program represents a new style of software. It provides a comprehensive program covering the mathematics syllabus ... It allows students to progress at their own speed and evaluate and control their own learning, to repeat lessons as many or as few times as they need.

Students who learn quickly are accommodated; students who learn slowly are accommodated.

Ebasic mathematics can be learned individually by students at their own pace in their own time. Mini lessons can be given in an ordered logical manner without interruptionE

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