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Best High Quality Maths Software Helping Kids at Lowest Price


Why is the best, high quality Maths software that is helping kids succeed the most in Maths, such a low price?

Why do the MathsPOWER programs cost so much less, when they are obviously of a vastly superior quality and standard to any other software or tutoring program?

These are variations of the most common question that so many ask. There are a few reasons:

  • At Maths POWER, we dont send salespeople to your house - so we dont have to pay those sales commissions.
  • We dont spend much on advertising - a little here and there - but over 80% of our business is from word-of-mouth and repeat orders by our happy customers.
  • Our tutoring programs are created here, by us - Aussie teachers who are passionate about education. We dont buy the program from overseas as most other companies do (despite their audacious claims of being Australian!)
  • Husband and wife teacher/software developers and education experts, Anthony and Felicity Tannous, parents of four children, operate back to the Future Education - Maths POWER.
  • Anthony and Felicity just really believe that access to the best possible help, through our fantastic quality tutoring program should be available to ALL kids, so they are insistent on making it affordable for everyone.

Many families are led to think that the more you pay for a program, the better quality it will be.


Weve made sure of that! Too many families were (and still are) being ripped off.

Other companies out there are selling 'lemon' programs at 'Rolls Royce' prices!

As teachers and parents we were so appalled and concerned about parents being ripped off (due to the emotional hard sell based on the attachment to our kids - particularly our hopes, dreams and fears for their future), we decided to change it and turn the industry on its head!

Our goal is to help as many children as possible with the very best program, like we have with almost 60,000 kids world-wide over ten years, including our own kids, our nieces and nephews (over 70 of them - were from huge families!) We treat all our Maths POWER kids with the same concern as our own when it comes to mathematics! Our staff are committed and focused on this objective.

In the words of one of our customers to his friends when they asked why Maths POWER is priced so much better;

"The people at MathsPOWER don't want to make a million...they just want to make a difference"
- Ross Stubbs, Sydney

To be truthful I think you could raise your prices by 50 - 100% and still be great value.E/p>

Why dont we raise our prices?

Well to once again quote a happy customer:

E . . rest assured that around Australia there are a lot of children who are more confident and happier because of your programs. I know it sounds corny but you will never know the good your products have done. Because they are so affordable and of such high quality many children will have the confidence to try other areas of education and just life in general. It is always nice to get the dollars but hopefully something you can think about, even though the bottom line is not as high, is that many children around Australia, my daughter included, are more confident because of Mathspower and what that will mean over their lives is impossible to quantify.

Anyway, all the best and keep in mind that you have both an ethical, value for money and quality product. If Karma exists you have a great future to look forward to because - "what goes around comes around".E/p>

It is easy to tell that Maths POWER is the absolute best program available by just looking at the number of reviews and media stories that have been made about Maths POWER. You'll notice no other program or website has had this amount of high-quality feedback. (Maths POWER has been chosen as the program to be used by the NSW Juvenile Justice Education Units).

"Maths POWER is, without a doubt, the best program for students at all levels of mathematics, high achievers, remedial, average, extended, Primary, Infants, High school and Preschool."

Why not try our program for your child? You will soon find out why it is the best, why everyone loves it and the difference it is making to kidsElives. We would genuinely love for your child to join those kids.

We know we can HELP YOUR CHILD BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE! Let us prove it to you.

You have nothing to lose, just take our Try Before You Buy' offer and even after that we still offer a 100% Lifetime Money-Back guarantee!
No-one else but Maths POWER is so sure of helping your child to do that!

We hope to hear from you soon. Contact us now by email or phone us on 1300-1-MATHS or 1300 133 831.

All the Best,

Anthony and Felicity and The MathsPOWER Team

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