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Maths POWER is an Australian Government Endorsed Supplier

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Comparison of Tutoring, Software and Tuition Programs

Advice for parents: Any help for a child in Mathematics is better than nothing. However, programs without voice instruction are no better than a textbook and programs without written worksheets are even less helpful.
Type of Program Maths POWER EEducation
Computer Tutoring / Teaching Programs
Other On-line and Internet Access-only programs Face-to-Face Tutoring
One-on-one tutors or group tuition centres
Other computer tutoring programs
Accurate Sequencing of lessons by teachers. Yes
All lessons sequenced in particular order. The student moves on when 90% or more understanding of pre-requisite lesson is achieved.
Students can choose any lesson they like with no assessment of where they are up to.
N/A No
The student can click on anything at anytime which can cause lack of confidence, focus and sense of achievement.
Full verbal instruction by qualified teacher with Graphics on every lesson. Yes
Experienced, qualified teachers with engaging voices used on every lesson.
Very Few
Be sure to check, as this feature is essential. Some claim to have ‘lessonsEthat are no more than drill games or exercises with just a written text example only.
Often not
Tutors may not be teachers.
Very few
Most have none and some have a limited number (10-15%) of lessons with audio instruction.Some claim to have ‘lessonsEthat are no more than exercises with a written text example.
Access to free phone tutor/teacher support Yes No No Some

Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee

Yes No No No
Essential work- sheets with every lesson for complete learning to be achieved and correct setting out and understanding demonstrated. Yes
Every lesson.
As well as interactivity.
Some do, some don’t.
Be sure to check, as these are essential.
Usually Very Few.
Most don't include written work sheets as part of their learning strategies. Interactive-only means the child is prompted and not doing it by themselves. Ask your teacher about the importance of written work to maximise learning. Your child needs to do written working out in exams.
Programs 100% Australian, originated in Australia, from the Australian Syllabi with comprehensive coverage. Yes 100% Not All Usually Very few
Most only cover between 20%-50% of the various state syllabi.
(Many are from South Africa despite false claims of being Australian)
Method of marketing Customer initiated enquiry, Word-of-mouth, Confidential phone and internet response only.

No “trap marketingEor cold calling. Full details including prices, demonstration lessons and recommendations are available on the
Maths POWER website.

Download times could be time-consuming.
Centre or In-home appointments and assessments.

Full term or full year commitment required.
Sold via In-home presentation or assessment, generally by commission only sales people.

Refined sales techniques are used to talk parents into spending thousands of dollars on over-priced programs.
Cost of programs Family Registration:
= ONE-off $55
One-Year prog
= $220
High School:
TWO-Year prog
= $420
(also family discounts)
Up to $300 per Year

Subscription period only. You do not get to own and keep program for future reference.
Additional children extra.
Eg. 3 children: $249 -$469
N.B. The cheaper ones here have no 'lessons' as such i.e. no voice instructions nor worksheets (Despite claims of ‘lessonsE.
$350 - $1,200
per term per subject.
$1400 - $4,800
per year
-$3,500-$6,000 up front or financed
High School: -$459-$6,000 up front or financed
K-12 program:
-Up to $10 000
up front or financed
(Generally $3,500 - $8,800 up-front or financed at 19%-24% interest)
Ask about specific pricing prior to agreeing to appointment.

Payment Plan
Interest-free over 5 months. Longer terms available if needed.
Some do, some don’t. Not all.
(Usually by term)
(at 19% - 24% interest) over 3-4 years. Or 4 payments via credit card @$1000+ per payment

Motivational Prizes, Certificates and Rewards
(for primary)
No No No
  • Warning: Be wary of maths companies that do not display prices and working samples on their web sites.
  • Back to the Future Education is an Australian Government Endorsed Supplier.

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