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Story Title Source Format
ACA 25.02.05Teaching Maths
(Featuring the Primary Program)
A Current Affair Video
ACA 18.10.01Taking the mystery out of maths
(Featuring the High School Program)
A Current Affair Video
ACA 28.10.02Mastering maths, what's the formula?
(Featuring the High School Program)
A Current Affair Video
TT 25.06.03Top Marks Today Tonight Video
Tanzanian Students Holding MathsPOWERMaths Power in New St. Jude's school in Tanzania St. Jude's school in Tanzania Photo and Text
Father Riley InterviewInterview with Father Riley regarding the Maths POWER program 2UE Audio
Its academicMaths POWER Sponsors 7 network's 'It's Academic' Channel 7 Video and Text
Shine AwardMaths Power sponsors SHINE Scholarship Scholarship Photo and Text
Choice Magazine Letter'Not Adding Up' Letter Choice Magazine Text
MathsPOWER Supports Children's Medical Research Institute MathsPOWER and SciencePOWER Sponsor Childrens Medical Research Institute CMRI Website Postcard/PDF
The Daily Telegraph StoryClass Act The Daily Telegraph Text
Herald Sun StoryClick on to Knowledge Herald Sun Text
Maths POWER Challenge LaunchDr. Brendan Nelson and Father Chris Riley Officially Launch Maths POWER Challenge. MathsPOWER Challenge Launch Text
Parramatta Online News StoryNews Story Online Newspaper Text
Virtual Teacher Review of MathsPOWER Review of Maths POWER Virtual Teacher Text
MathsPOWER TV Ad 2 Maths POWER TV Commercial # 1 MathsPOWER Video
TBYB TV Ad Maths POWER TV Commercial # 2 MathsPOWER Video
MathsPOWER LogoMathsPOWER Radio Advert # 1 MathsPOWER Audio
MathsPOWER LogoMathsPOWER Radio Advert # 2 MathsPOWER Audio
Maths Power Performance Space at Education ExpoMaths Power Performance Space at Education Expo Education Expo Photos

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