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How Good is Our Program?

Fr. Riley
Angela Sibly - Software Expert and Parent

We've worked in the software industry for 10+ yrs & investigated many educational programs. We have been very impressed. Minimal financial commitment, thorough lesson planning and presentation, solid support. Congratulations on a great product.

Rachelle Kenny, Mother of Two

Both my sons, Ben and Jordan have been using MathsPOWER since the start of last year. My mother, their Grandma, gave it to them as part of their Christmas present! Ben is still catching up, he is in Year 4 but we thought it better he start at the beginning and do revision, to ensure he has not missed any crucial lessons. Jordan is in Year 2 this year, but due to his excellent results in English and Maths last year they advanced him into Year 3 instead (and he is only 7yrs old)!

I have just attended parent/teacher interviews for both boys. Jordan's teacher said his maths is phenomenal, he received an 'A' grade, which in the new government grading system is beyond excellent! Ben is doing very well also and I have no doubt his maths will improve even further as we begin to reach his year level lessons.

I find MathsPOWER program a great tool for both my husband and myself, as it's been a long time since we were in primary school. Just seeing the lessons and the terminology used has helped us help them.


Rachelle Kenny

Azraq Hanseer

It is a fantastic maths program. Which is affordable, adaptable, hi tech, modern and treats the learner as a thinker instead of a fact machine.

Thank you.

Kurt Groeneveld, Managing Director Supercorp Australia

Having worked in the software industry for 20 years, I took more then a passing interest in how the program was put together. It is easy to use, has a great tutorial format that even allows you to fast forward to where you want to listen from, and the ultimate test Eafter my son first started using it I had to drag him away after four hours and now he wants to be using it every day.

A great product and an example of Australian software at its best.

Kurt Groeneveld

Managing Director
Supercorp Australia

Lawrence Macdonald, Parent and Teacher

I have purchased your MathsPOWER program already and my son just got into the 98 percent group for a nation wide math competition. I thought you might like to know this. He is doing year 8 math this year even though he is in year 7 and my 2 daughters are both top of the school in their year as well.

The daughter in year 10 is doing both year 10 and 11 general this year and is A+ in both years.

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