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Today Tonight - Top Marks News Story


SHOW: Today Tonight


REPORTER: Chris Simond

Today Tonight Top Marks Story Image

The amazing new maths program producing remarkable results for all ages.

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Ask any parent and theyll tell you that teaching children maths can often be an absolute nightmare. Well it doesnt have to be because theres now a simple new program thats turning classroom failures into A-Grade students.

Educational consultant Anthony Tannous reckons hes found the solution to every students mathematical nightmare Ea way of coming up with all the right answers.

MathsPOWER is a software program that takes students through each step of the maths curriculum. It sets the questions. You submit the answers and it helps out if you get stuck.

Year 12 student, Bridgitte Caroll felt isolated in class, constantly struggling to keep up. She then supplemented her studies at home with MathsPOWER, going over lessons again and again until she mastered them.

It builds your confidence Eit really doesE says Bridgitte. Usually my marks were in the 50s and I started to pick up to the 70s and then on my most recent exam Ehigh 80s.E/P>

A pilot scheme introduced late last year at St. Clair High School already has 450 of its students enrolled. Instead of dropping maths in sheer frustration, students are now more likely to excel at the subject.

According to principal Allan Jones, parents just cant believe the sudden turn-around in results.

Thats been outstanding. Absolutely outstanding!E/P>

Mr Jones also states, Were seeing the child succeeding where we havent seen them succeeding beforeE

Anthony says, The improvements from 20% to 80%, from 40% to 90% - we virtually hear that every dayE

It was pointed out to Anthony that It sounds as though you may have achieved the impossible: Youve made maths fun!E/P>

"Absolutely," Anthony said. "Mr. Jones tells us regularly that he asks the children How is it going?Eand theyre always saying, Yeah its good Sir, really funE Im enjoying my mathematicsE"

"Were finding that students are now extending themselves where previously they might not haveEsaid Mr. Jones, In virtually all cases, students are reporting very favourably on their results to the point that some students are seeing 30% to 60% increase.E/P>

When the students interviewed were asked, What sort of difference has MathsPOWER made to your results?ETheir replies were:

I went from 20% to my last test which was 70%.E/P>

Ive gone from about late 40s to late high 80s.E/P>

"18% to 85%."

I went from around 18% to on my last test I got 82 or 83%.E/P>

While private tutors can cost parents a fortune, a two-year curriculum with MathsPOWER consisting of 200 lessons will cost $400. Bridgettes mother, Megan saw the obvious advantage.

If they decide to get up early one day, its there. If they work late, its thereE Megan said.

To avoid battling with Maths at high school, there are year-by-year programs, starting with MathsPOWERs Infants Program.

According to Kit Barrett, his five-year old daughter, Taylor sees her early education as just fun and games.

She will ask me to come and shell say, Dad, lets go and do the lessonE says Mr. Barrett about MathsPOWER, So its good being together with her and sharing this little thingE

Taylor says, Im learning to count and Im learning to spellE

Manage mathematics early on and perhaps theres a bonus: You feel that, OK, if I can do it with Maths, I can do it with Physics, or I can do it with EnglishE says Bridgitte.

Is this fool proof?

Anthony says, We provide a six-month money back guarantee!E/P>

Naomi Robson says, I wish we had that when I was at schoolE

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