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My Letters


What Parents Are Saying About Maths POWER


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Hi there

I just wanted to let you know that my son, Jude - who started with Maths Power earlier this year - has been chosen to receive an Honour Award for Numeracy!! The award is one of 2 awards given out per class once a year, so they're as rare as hen's teeth! It reflects the degree of improvement he's made with maths over the last few months.

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say it's largely due to Maths Power!

The tutorials have really helped him get over the hurdle of hating and being afraid of maths. And shown him that it's not as hard as he thought it was.

So thanks very much for a great tutorial system. It's obviously worked - and we're very proud of him.

Kind regards,

Sarah from Lane Cove

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Hi! Anthony,

My Grandson Nicholas is now at Tafe studying a Landscape/Horticulture Course and my Grand-daughter Grace is now at Uni studying Legal Studies and History. Mathpower helped both Nick and Grace to excel in Maths and I would recommend it to everyone.

Sincere thanks for your very educational and easy to use program,

Kathleen from W.A.

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Dear Anthony

Thank you for your help.
This Program is the best we have ever used, my children love it, they are so motivated to do one lesson after another and they don't actually get bored.
Even my five year old loves this and it is so easy for her to understand, I don't have to explain anything at all to her WOW!!
Thank you again, I will pass your details over to my friends.

Kind regards

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I homeschool 3 children, 11yrs, 9yrs & 5yrs. They can't wait to do their lessons everyday. Our 9yr old used to struggle at school, not anymore.

Our 11yr old doesn't like to stop and our 5yr old i has taken off with his learning . Very happy. I highly recommend it. Thank you.

Peta Ireland - New Zealand

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Hi Haydn,

Haydn, I'd like to thank you for your support and assistance with Maths Power and English Power.

We have recently started home schooling our children and your teaching programs have become an integral part of our kids' schooling.

I love that I can stand back and allow the kids to learn Maths and English at their own pace and have confidence in knowing that they're learning everything they need to know and getting the practice as well.

I also like that the lessons are very thorough, incremental and are broken down to a size that is very easy for the kids to understand.

We have three kids and they all learn different levels of maths at the same time. I'm very happy with the programs and they're making my life much easier as a home schooling parent. Thanks again.

Guy Tebbutt.

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Dear Anthony, Felicity and the Maths Power Team

I would like to thank you for producing such a wonderful "Maths Power" program
My two boys, Jacob 9 and Michael 6, have benefited a lot from it.
I can see their confidence in Maths grew since starting the program.
The format is excellent and mathematical concepts are explained so clearly.
I have no hesitation in recommending this excellent program to anyone.
Thank you once again.
Wishing you all the very best.

Kind regards
Dr Sue Ng

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Hi Haydn,

Haydn, I'd like to thank you for your support and assistance with Maths Power and English Power.

We have recently started home schooling our children and your teaching programs have become an integral part of our kids' schooling.

I love that I can stand back and allow the kids to learn Maths and English at their own pace and have confidence in knowing that they're learning everything they need to know and getting the practice as well.

I also like that the lessons are very thorough, incremental and are broken down to a size that is very easy for the kids to understand.

We have three kids and they all learn different levels of maths at the same time. I'm very happy with the programs and they're making my life much easier as a home schooling parent. Thanks again.

Guy Tebbutt.

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Hi Anthony,

The lessons are fabulous. Both girls 8 & 4 years old who are currently working through your programs, thoroughly enjoy them and really like the teacher's voice, as it is so softly spoken and the way in which she speaks and teaches is so easy for the girls to understand.

As a Home Schooling Educating Parent, as well as having a daughter completing VCE this year, I have found your programs very empowering, not only for myself, but for the children to use.

Using your programs as guidance to teach the girls in the sequential learning order has been very reassuring. I can see how very important these steps are. It makes choosing our text books to work out of much easier as well.

The girls go excitedly at their own pace and actively take responsibility towards organising the lessons and printing off their own work sheets. After completion and the results have been added, each lesson is pasted into a special book to proudly show Dad that night, and family and friends when they come to visit.

It’s wonderful having the assurance that you are available to speak to throughout the day if its required. You’ve all been very helpful and your positive feedback for myself has been greatly appreciated.

I Just wanted to say a very big thank you to Learning Power for providing such informative programs for our children to use.

I can only say to anyone who is thinking about purchasing these programs, “What are you waiting for? EAfter years of researching to Home Educate our children, they are by far the best programs around and are of exceptional value for money.

I will continue to purchase your programs and look forward to providing a positive learning environment for our girls to grow and learn in. For us, fun is learning and learning is fun! We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks Learning Power,

Kind Regards,
Kim Gaunt & Girls

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Charlie Using Maths Power ‘Charlie is really doing well at maths now. She finds her maths homework much easier and we don’t have to help her with it any more after just a few weeks of using MathsPower. It’s great, she was always very good at reading but we were concerned about average results in maths. Now she enjoys the challenge of completing a MathsPower test and moving onto the next one. She started from the beginning of the K-1 module and it was great to find a couple of weak areas early on in the curriculum that she had struggled with and she could focus on these until she understood it before moving on. The MathsPower system is great for ensuring your child thoroughly understands the basic foundations before moving on to harder maths.Ebr>

Broughan and Susan Macklin

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Rosaline Soon
Adelaide, SA
Adden started using the Maths POWER K-1 program 2 years ago which he has successfully completed. At the moment, he is venturing into the Maths POWER (Year) 2 program and he loves it. He can tell the time and count money all tribute to Maths POWER!....and, he is currently only 4 years and 9 months old!

The Maths POWER program is perfect and ideal for a young student like Adden. The lessons are presented well and designed successfully to capture the attention of a student such as Adden. In addition, the exercises are of correct lengthEnot too short and not too long. Adden is a gifted child and Maths POWER is a perfect program that accelerates and motivates him at a pace suitable for him! As a parent, Maths POWER is the best thing that I have found that caters for Adden’s needs. Thank you!

Best Regards,
Mother of Adden CHIN
Adelaide, SA

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Adden Using Maths Power

Kel & Bre Using Maths Power

The Peck girls at play,learning
Dear Mathspower,

I have attached a photo of my partners children away on holidays doing MathsPower lessons whilst at our caravan at Ulladulla. Racquel and Breanna now 11,10 respectively both enjoy doing regular lessons and honing their skills on maths and studying generally.Racquel has always been a little slower and harder to concentrate Mathspower has helped her immensely.Her sister Breanna does the upgraded version for her age and she excels and keeps up and sometimes ahead of her sister.

Mathspower has shown that the kids now have a winning way to their continuing education and the future of children who use it. We thoroughly recommend MathsPower to any parent or person wishing to assist their children in learning and future education.

Kind Regards

Peter Sweeney & Kym Peck
Rydalmere, NSW

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Just to fill you in about the achievements of Natalie and AJ, we heard today that AJ, who was disruptive and difficult in the classroom according to his teacher during term 1 and 2 has had a complete turn around now during term 3. We started Mathspower during mid term 2. He has now been awarded a Principal Award, for the following; quote "For working extremely hard in all areas. AJ I am really impressed with how settled and focused you are in the classroom now. You have shown that you are more than capable of working diligently the whole day, tino pai rawa!" Isn't that great news?! I strongly believe that the regular Mathspower lessons per week we do with them are paying off in not only Maths but different aspects of education aswell.

AJ and Natalie are attending Lynmore Primary School in Rotorua New Zealand.

P.S. The more kids get exposed to this program the better.

I see certainly an improvement in their self esteem here.

Marco Wisse
New Zealand

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Wisse kids using Maths Power

Tyrrell kids learning Maths home school

Tyrrell kids learning Maths home school
Dear Anthony,

“What a Saviour. I home school my two children and since purchasing Maths POWER my children have excelled in maths. They love the fact it is computerised and I love the fact they still need to put pen to paper. Joel my 11yo has completed 2 years maths since February as I put him back a couple of years and I was stunned how many facets he had missed through his public schooling. Denika went back 1 year and is enjoying her progress she is 75% through her first year. BEST of ALL Ethey are progressing at their personal speed and not feeling trapped and getting further behind. If they need to repeat a lesson it is certainly possible. Away they go if they want to move ahead they can. Joel is an excellent example, although he is getting to a point where the work is becoming challenging. We love maths at our house and look forward to English POWER I guarantee we will be one of the first families to purchase the program! Thanks Maths POWER keep up the great work.

Our mailman knows when the children have reached a goal as Denika runs down the drive yelling “a letter for me/you from Maths POWER!!Ebr>
The Tyrrell Family

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Dear Maths Power

Maths Power has changed the lives of both Alice and Ashley and most importantly their attitude towards mathematics.

Before Maths Power both children showed little interest in mathematics and struggled with many concepts. Alice would have been happy not have maths on the curriculum at school at all. Now she is confident in most areas and has grown to be interested in much of the curriculum including areas in which she has previously struggled. She is now keen to cover all areas even those which she finds a challenge and feels greatly uplifted after talking through those problem areas on the phone ...

I would like to thank all the staff at Maths Power for the wonderful work they do and trust that more families will take on Maths Power and see the difference it makes in their lives.
Yours faithfully

Stephanie Hardy.
Sandy Beach, NSW

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Carla and Lincoln, 12 year old twins have been using Mathspower for the past couple of years. Lincoln being dyslexic, short concentraion span, and very kinesthetic, has really got into the simple and clear format that Mathspower presents.

Both Carla and Lincoln have improved greatly with their maths. Carla receiving an good average in class when a year ago was well behind. Lincoln who received D's for Maths recieved C and (part B) for maths this last report.

Daniel their younger brother who is 4 commenced only a sort while ago, really enjoys, asking to do his computer homework. He has learnt many shapes and basic number recognitions.
The format is short, clear and appropriate to the ages.

I was surprised to see how appropriately age developed these programs were, especially when I did see the younger program.

We are looking forward in the next year to be able to purchase the science programs as well, as Carla wants to be a nurse and Lincoln a structural engineer or Architect.

Thank you Mathspower for growing our children.

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Tara has been doing Maths Power for almost a year now. She is in Grade 1 and has had a great year at school because she hasn’t found the work difficult because of Maths Power.

As you can see from her photo, she is happy to do her lessons, whereas to start with, she didn’t think she could do it ...

It is a great transformation and makes us happy as parents as we know that the more she enjoys it, the better she will do.

We are looking forward to her continuing right through the program and achieving great results all the way through school.

Thanks again for the great program,

Ramona & Mike O’Rourke

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Catherine with her MathsPower Certificate. Hi,

Catherine has been doing Maths Power for 9 or 10 months now. She already loved maths and it has been great to have a program for her where she can keep going at her own pace.

She is doing very well in school and finishing her work quickly. She also did very well in the NSW Maths Competition where she finished in the top 4% of Year 3 entrants Ewe were thrilled with this result.

We believe your math s program is excellent and recommend it to friends.

Catherine wants to do English Power as well, and keeps asking when it will be available. You can be sure that we will have to get this for her when you have it ready.

Thanks again for the great program you have made and the encouragement you offer.

Ramona & Mike O’Rourke

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My son J.J, 8 has benefited from the Maths Power programs immensely.

It's easy to quantitatively see the benefits JJ has enjoyed. He's received great grades at school, and landed in the top band for numeracy in the recent national skills test.

To leave it there, would be to sell the program short.

It's simply magic seeing JJ help out his friends in telling the time. (He learnt to read analog and digital time with Maths Power).

He's confident to walk into any shopping outlet, select item/s in his budget, calculate and check his change, and be able to recognise the money denominations required to complete a purchasing transaction. (He learnt about money demoninations with Maths Power).

JJ is able to determine how much of a given material he needs to complete various art works. We attribute alot of this ability to the use of measures he learned in Maths Power.

Qualitatively- He's a wiser, more capable and confident youngster.

Jenny Richter
Lake Heights

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JJ with his MathsPower Certificates.

Kyle Sibly Help from Maths POWER Hi there

This is Kyle Sibly. He has been working on the Maths Power program for approx 2 years. Last year he took part in the Assessment competition run through the University of New South Wales and achieved 25 out of 40 and was ranked in the top 47 percent of Queensland Year 5 participants (Participation Level). This year he underwent the assessment again and achieved 32 out of 40 with a ranking in the top 4 percent of Year 6 Queensland participants (Distinction Level). A significant improvement and one of which we were very pleased and proud.

Kind regards

Angela Sibly
Bardon, Queensland

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My 12 year old daughter is a bright and enthusiastic student, but really struggled with mathematics and came to hate it with passion, feeling that she would never master it, and dreading maths period each day. I discovered Mathspower by researching online maths programs on the web and inviting my daughter to do the free trial lesson. She found she could do it and actually understood it - Wow! what a turning point that was! We subscribed and she now does Mathspower each day with no problems at all. She is progressing so quickly, that even though she's in "catch-up" mode, she's powering ahead and easily reaching goals.

I am grateful for the program too, because it takes the pressure off me, struggling to help her with a subject which was never my forte, and for the affordable fee there is a qualified and very easy-to-understand teacher (Aussie voice a wonderful bonus!!!) explaining each lesson. As well it is visually appealing and very clearly presented for the student. The added option of having a teacher available on the end of the phone is another reasssuring feature of the program too, but we haven't had to use that facility so far.

Cheers and thanks to everyone at Mathspower!

Kind regards
Anne and Clorinda England

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Using MathsPower

Using MathsPower This is a photo of my son working on his mathspower program, My son used to hate maths and hate doing homework, now every day he gets home from school he can't wait to get on and complete the next lesson. I have seen a huge difference in his confidence and he's finding his school work much easier. No More Tears! Thank you!

Kerry Delaney
Morayfield QLD

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We enrolled (Our son, Harrison) in Maths POWER when he was in Kindergarten as he was struggling with Maths.

He has continued on with it over the past 3 years, and his confidence is very inspiring.

This year he was eligible to enter the University of NSW Educational Assessments for Schools. He sat for all of the subjects except “WritingE and received “participationEcertificates for all of them except Maths. For Maths, he received a “CREDITEcertificate. He was absolutely thrilled with this as he has put so much work and effort into Maths.

This wonderful result assures me that our money has been well spent, and that your MathsPOWER program is a true asset to our precious children.

Thank you for letting us share our special experience with yourselves.

Kind regards

Chris and Karen George
Mt Kuring-Gai NSW 2080

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Harrisons Certificate

Corey Using Maths POWER We first investigated getting Corey our eldest a maths program because of the difficulty he was having at school. We looked into various different programs and prices in excess of $7000 (let me tell you some of these programs are no better than mathspower and maths power is a fraction of the cost).

Thanks to the boys grandparents who found mathpower, both our boys have excelled in maths and for that matter other subjects because I believe it developed their confidence.

Corey who was a below average student is now in the top 30% and Dylan who was always been a good student is now even better and is one of the top maths students in class.

I must also thank their mother who is very strict to routines and encourages them to tackle a few lessons a week, and in the holidays upto five lessons a week.

Mathpower is the reason the boys are doing so well at school, for that reason we will continue to support this program. It is a small investment to developing your childs future.

Thanks again
Rod Ribet

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My son Kshitij is up and running with MathsPower. He has completed 60 lessons and mid-term exams. It's look like Kshitij has gain lots of confidence. He has also learnt some new techniques to solve the maths problem also.

Thanks Hayden. Thanks MathPower.

Jignesh Bhatt.
New Zealand

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Kshitij Using Maths POWER

Brendan Using Maths POWER

Dear Anthony

Thank you for putting the education of our children ahead of profit making.

You will be very pleased to hear that Brendan is one of the top 3 in his class for Maths B and Ryan, who has struggled for so long got an *** A ***.  I owe you all so much and cannot thank you enough.

I believe your program should be available in every Special Ed Unit in Australia.  It gives the power back to the student, to be able to learn at their own pace and review as many times as they need, until they understand it.  Overwhelming confusion and “zoning out” in the classroom is the biggest threat to learning and this is most especially true when it comes to Mathematics.

Thank you once again

Kind regards
Maria Gregory

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Maths power rocks

Thank you so much maths power creators. With your help mum has been able to homeschool us better than any school we have tried. Now we know our times tables really well. We are proud of ourselves.


And I thank you too not only are my children beginning to get to a standard of maths that they can be proud of but I am learning along with them. The other day I sat my two boys down and figured out a formula together to work out petrol costs with my small business. Now they know about variables and can do some of my book work for me. We are all growing in confidence everyday.

Sincere regards

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Brendan Using Maths POWER


Just want to send an email to say, as parents, we have seen a great turnaround of our son in the mathematical area of his education. He finds doing maths now easy, fun and enjoys doing it. He now has understanding and can say his times table without trouble. As I parent I could not be any happier with this program. We have tried other programmes and within the 2 weeks timeframe he has been doing Maths Power I don't believe he has had the same knowledge input with Kumon (another maths program) in the 5 months he had been completing that. The turnaround I can't believe, he now asks to do the Maths Power program and we don't have to ask him. It's good as we get to spend more time with our son and also watch his education grow.

Thank you for delivering a great programme for our son to use.

David And Francey Galea.
Taylors Lakes. VIC.

Dear Felicity , Anthony and Hayden

Just a further update on our son Michael and his achievements with the math's power programme, Recently all Grade 5 students completed the AIMS test, not knowing what to expect after his grade three AIMS test and his last year math's report and the lower grade he received, Michael has received his AIMS result and we could not be happier with his result. Michael stated that he was more comfortable in completing this because of all he has learnt with math's power programme. Michael school math's work has improved a great deal and in the that 9 months since he has began the programme, he can now complete the times tables from 2 to 12 with out making a mistake. It 's great to see that Michael enjoys doing the programme as he can see the improvement in himself. His grades at school are also on the improve in math's area. Thanks to math's power for the great learning ability to my children. I do recommend this programme for any parents whose son or daughter needs help with their math's . At first I thought what could a Cd teach my son that a teacher at school could not. But to my amazement, he has learnt a lot. Once again thanks.

David & Francey Galea
Taylors Lakes. VIC.
Michael Recieving his Award

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Dear Felicity & Anthony,

This is just to thank you for sending Jassim's gifts. He looks forward to receiving them for he never knows what surprise awaits him!!! The program is indeed excellent! Despite the fact that he did not have major problems with maths at school, the program only served to reinforce the concepts learned at school and bring clarification on difficult areas. He is motivated to do the lessons regularly, even during the school holidays. The way the lessons are delivered certainly do instill confidence in the child...the friendly tone works! Congratulations on your wonderful program!!

Thanking you.

Anwar Saab
Glenmore Park. NSW.

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Lorelle Campbell
Teacher and Parent from NSW

Hi again, I am not sure if you remember me but I am the teacher who rang you about my son after he failed his mid yearly year seven test.
He got 49% in that test, and dropped down a group because of it.
He got his results yesterday from his Final maths exam for the year: He he is now the TOP student in his class, and was one mark off going up to the top group!

My son said to me, oh...thats ok! I can do that job next year!
He has a renewed enthusiasm for maths, and has even begun studying with a friend of his on saturday mornings, and then they go for a bike ride as a reward!

I cant thank you enough for your help - it has taught my son not just about maths, but that when we work at something, we can really turn a situation around. We am so proud of him, but more importantly, he is so proud of himself!
Thank you again..and yes! We will be back buying again!

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Hi Anthony,

We started Charlie on the Year 5 syllabus even though he is in year 6……….. One of the key improvements has been his confidence and self belief that he can do maths. For example, he now spends only 20 to 30 mins doing his maths homework from school rather than a lot longer. He seems to be more prepared to focus and get his maths homework done because he knows he can do it, rather than having an attitude that it is difficult and will take him forever.

The school is also working with us and he is attending a maths club once a week at school with a small group – this was mainly to revise his understanding of fractions. However the teacher has found after a few sessions that his knowledge was good enough to move him on to another topic. The school is also sending home all copies of tests that he does. He has completed two diagnostic reviews so far in which he scored 93% in both. This combined with getting 90% + in his Maths POWER worksheets help to set a new standard for him such that he no longer expects to get 50% +. Apparently when he first scored 93% he questioned the teacher as to whether she was sure it was his result!

There was an interesting article in the Saturday Age on 10th May about a teacher who is having considerable success in both literacy and numeracy using the ‘explicit’ teaching method rather than the modern self guided learning method. I think Charlie both enjoys and benefits from the explicit instruction method which I think is why he enjoys the Maths POWER lessons. He feels like he is actually being taught the concepts.

The link to this article is:

We are both looking forward to moving on to the Year 6 syllabus and being more in line with where he should be at. I am hopeful that by the end of the year he will have a really solid foundation in maths and strong confidence that will enable him to continue to move forward in Year 7.


Carolyn Todhunter
South Melbourne. VIC.

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Carmel Brownhill

Dear Felicity & Anthony,

The best thing we have ever done for our son’s education so far is to invest in Maths Power. In Grade 3 Luke was struggling with Mental Maths; showing a stressed attitude towards Maths homework and generally displaying a very negative attitude towards maths in general. We thought at the age of 9 he has many years of Maths ahead of him so we had better try and nip this in the bud. Several discussions with school reassured us that Luke’s understanding was okay, but we were not convinced. We decided that we know our boy well enough to sense there was a problem and that we would take matters into our own hands. That’s when my husband got onto A.C.A. website as he remembered seeing some Maths Programs advertised on the show. Of the 3 we looked at Maths Power appealed to us because it was bright, colourful, attractive, interactive and stimulating. As we consider Luke to be a visual learner we thought it looked perfect for him.

After doing your free assessment he scored 41% on the Grade 2 test, indicating he was 12 months behind his class. Whilst we appreciate the test is only an indication we thought that it would be quite accurate.

I have really enjoyed the opportunity or “excuse” to sit with my son one-on-one as he works through the program. I enjoy it too. Our younger son ... is very keen to try the worksheets and watch the lessons as well. His interest and excitement about Maths is fantastic to see.

What amazed me the most about sitting and watching Luke as he did his work was the errors that are not obvious when you only correct a worksheet at the end. Watching what he did and how he did it taught me more than the score on the paper. What I found is that he never ever double checked his work. Such a simple procedure has made a dramatic alteration to his accuracy. So in fact when only looking at the end score it may appear Luke did not comprehend a concept, I actually found that he knew what he was doing but had made simple errors. Once encouraged the habit of double checking and he could see for himself the difference it made to the end result he is now more aware of this practice and is getting better at doing it without being reminded...

Just for your info. I am a school teacher and have been mentioning your program to anyone needing extra help.

Thanks heaps and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Carmel Brownhill

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Progress Update - Ryan Donnelly

Dear Anthony

I thought I would give you a progress update on the email sent earlier this year.  Ryan has just finished his first semester in Year 8 and I am really happy to report that he received a passing grade.

We have been very concerned that Ryan would not be able to keep up with the level of maths at high school and we are so happy that we purchased the Maths Power programs as they have given Ryan huge assistance.

As you are aware, Ryan has Asperger’s Syndrome and keeping him focussed on the task at hand can be difficult.  Unfortunately Math’s is one of those subjects that is very difficult for these students to understand on a conceptual level because their method of assimilation is very concrete and process driven.

Ryan often comes home with comments like “my teacher talks too fast” or “I don’t understand what she is saying”.  Without passing any judgement whatsoever on the teachers, the student to teacher ratio in classroom makes it impossible for students like Ryan to get the extra attention they need.  In additional to that they often suffer from additional social issues that make them unwilling to draw attention to themselves and ask for help.

That is why your program is so wonderful, Ryan can come home from school and revisit the topics covered in class and play your tutorials over and over again, until he understands it.  He is doing really well with his test sheets and I am so proud of him.

I noted with interest the story on A Current Affair last week.  I concur with many of the parents speaking negatively about the Maths Programs that are being sold door to door. 

When we were researching the best way to help both our boys with Maths, we had a representative of one of these companies come to our home and go through the program.  While on face value the program looked good, the hard sell that came along with it really put me off.  We could only look at it for 20 minutes. I believe if you have to go to such lengths to sell a program then there is fundamentally something wrong.

Needless to say the over $6000 that we were asked to spend to cover the modules for our two boys was outside our means.  We found your website and the testimonials and the comparison page sold us.  We bought the first module and have not looked back.

You will have our continuing support and recommendation.

Please feel free to put the any of above comments on your website as a further testimonial or use the contents in any way you see fit.

Kind regards
Maria Gregory

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Kathryn Mahony
Balaklava SA


My name is Kathryn and I would like to let you know what a difference maths power has made to my daughter's confidence.

My daughter was in year 3 last year and struggled all year with maths. By term 4 we were both desperate to find something that could help her. After investigating on the web we discovered Mathspower. She took the free online assessment and we realised how much she didn't understand. After speaking with a consultant I decided to purchase the 1-2 disk for her. She was at first bothered that she was doing year 1 maths but she took to it really quickly. She started using the program at the beginning of November 06 and by Christmas she had completed the first disk. She loved receiving her gift for getting half way.

Starting with this year level gave her an opportunity to regain her confidence and at the beginning of this year we purchased the 3-4 disk. This year she is in year 4 and has caught up to her class mates and enjoys maths now. She doesn't question her ability to do it and is always happy to do her maths homework.

This has been the best software I have ever purchased. To see my daughter become confident not just in maths but in herself has been wonderful.

I also have another daughter in year 6 for whom maths has never been a problem but I purchased the 5-6 disk for her as extension work. She loves knowing the answers to questions in class and being able to show classmates how to do things she knows.

Thank you for producing such a wonderful product. I highly recommend mathspower to anyone with a child struggling with maths or even for a child looking to extend themselves.

Kathryn Mahony
Balaklava SA


... photo of Emma working on her Maths Power ... Emma has really improved with her maths and her confidence with maths has increased dramatically. Rebecca, who is in Yr 7 in South Australia achieved above Band 9 for Numeracy in her National Literacy and Numeracy Test this year. We have been very happy with the programme.

Kathryn Mahony
Emma working on her Maths Power

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My oldest has just commenced yr 8 hence the purchase of science power. My son has found the program interesting and is pleased has maintained his willingness to do the extra study. So far he has found it invaluable in his studies particularly the menu facility where he can easily access the topic that he is currently studying in class and skip to it as needed.

Interestingly, the younger children were excited by the science program particularly the film clips and they have become very keen and interested in science, requesting to be allowed to 'look' at the disks.

We have definately seen amazing results with mathspower, all 3 children are top in their maths, winning awards last year. Prior to purchase, 2 children were struggling with concepts and lack of interest, now all three find and comment on maths being fun and interesting.



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Dear Anthony and Felicity,

To help motivate Lily I asked her to make a savings goal and that for each week she completed the set amount of work I would double her pocket money to help her work towards her savings target which we mapped out on a graph which is on her bedroom wall.

Since returning to school Lily's confidence in her maths work has soared and she looks forward to receiving maths sheets in her homework from school. We expected her to catch up to grade 3 work by the end of the year however she is now only 1 or 2 weeks away from starting the grade 3 program! Last night we had a parent -teacher interview and mention was made of her excellent maths skills. We told Lily's teacher about the program and when we went to school this morning we already had a mother approach us wanting to know about your program as the teacher had told her about Lily's success and thought it would benefit their son.

I wanted you to know how grateful I am for what this has done for Lily and her enthusiasm and confidence for maths now. We are incredibly happy with the program and the advice you have given us to help Lily to such a great start in Maths.

With gratitude,

Melissa Rolfe
Tynong, Victoria


Here’s a photo attached of my daughter Lily ... She is pictured with an award she received last term for her “Consistent hard work and excellent results in MathematicsE She has forged ahead even further this year and is now averaging results of between 96 E100% on her tests.

Thanks as always for an outstanding program!

Kind regards,
Melissa Rolfe

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Lily with her Maths Power

Hi all,

Im so excited I had to write to let you know that my son Jake came home from school yesterday with a Merit for "Excellent work on Maths number lines". He is and was so proud of himself and his confidence has sky rocketed! He has only used the program 6-8 times.

Thank you Maths Power

Kind Regards,
Proud Mum
Pippa Mcfall

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31st January 2007

Back to the Future Education
P.O Box 165

Dear Haydn,

I would like to take this opportunity to take the time to share with you a fantastic story that arose as a direct result of having used your wonderful Mathematical Education Program.

We started using your program in November last year. Our daughter was always very reluctant to participate in any math and cringed at anything to do with the subject. In true fact she avoided it at every opportunity possible. Here was a child getting ready to go into Grade 6 and lacked all basic confidence in her knowledge (or lack of) and it was fast becoming a big hurdle in the obvious progression of her education.

We started the program with some skepticism and was then very pleasantly surprised to find that our daughter really enjoyed using it and found it to be extremely confidence boosting for her as she had always struggled to grasp the whole Math’s thing. She actually requested several times a day that she be able to get on the computer and “Do Some Math’sE We did not think we would ever hear the words from her mouth.

We have over the holidays completed all the lessons in the Year Level that we started on and we could sense a stronger feeling of her improved self worth on achieving this.

Our daughter is now quiet happy & confident to discuss everyday situations where she needs to draw on her ability to use maths. Little instances like being at the supermarket and wanting to know how much 3 or 4 of things would cost and then doing the addition for herself and coming up with the correct result.

Today my 11 y-o daughter returned to school for her first day in the new Grade 6 year. On speaking to her class teacher at the end of the day I was very pleased to hear that she attempted to answer every question asked of her and in doing so answered every question correctly in her Math’s class. She was truly beaming when I asked her for her version of the same story. She now has a strong sense of being confident enough to at least attempt to have a go which has never been possible for her in the past.

We would like to thank you for all of your assistance in helping us get our daughter to this very happy place in her life ( and ours) and will always be truly grateful for your support and your wonderful BACK TO THE FUTURE EDUCATION PROGRAM..

Kind regards & many thanks

Cheryl, Stephen & Madison McCarthy

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I think it's fair to inform you that after using mathspower for my 3 children this year 1 child has been placed up a grade and the other 2 have won the top mathematics award for their years both year 1 and year 7. This is being attributed to your program because none excelled in mathematics prior to purchasing mathspower.

Thanks just isn't enough.


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Dear Anthony,
My five year old daughter, Ruby, has been working through the program for a year now, her interest in it has never dwindled and she is always eager to complete the work sheets, in fact it is often I who say "I think you've done enough now" and then try and drag her away from it. I myself, have sat through many of the lessons with her and as a parent I can see why this is a very effective program. The voice of the teacher is encouraging, the maths samples are uncomplicated, the instructions as to what to do are clear. I have noticed that Ruby's ability to work with numbers on a daily level has greatly improved ie telling time, giving shopping assistants their money, and dividing equally lollies for herself and her brother! I look forward to her completing each year's level and confidently know that my daughter will excel with her maths because of your well devised program.

Once again thank you,
Licia Hickey.

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I want to express my heartfelt thanks for the opportunity given to my sons in using your maths programs.
Although both boys were very good at maths and had been achieving good results we found that the added use of the programs as a study tool increased their results significantly.
The tutorials, extra problems and worked solutions supplemented the school work and strengthened their understanding of the subject matter.
As a study tool it was so much more interesting for them to have NEW material instead of ploughing through work already done. This in itself was wothwhile as an encouragement to study. I might add that neither boy is inclined to study very much. Both boys attended Broughton Anglican College at Campbelltown and studied the Advanced Maths program.

One son, Stephen, used the year 11/12 program at beginning of year 12 and his marks show the effect as follows:
Year 10 final.... 79% (10th in year)
Year 11 final ...73% (12th in year)
He then commenced using the Maths Power program to review year 11 and during year 12.
Year 12 H.S.C. .... 87% (band 5)
Stephen also achieved an American University GPA estimate from the SAT tests that was off the scale.
He was awarded a Presidential Academic Scholarship as well as an Athletic (soccer) Scholarship and is now attending Trinity International University in Deerfield USA (near Chicago). In fact he did not study as much as most boys due to his committment to elite soccer and so the maths power program was all the more important.

2nd son, Andrew used the year 9/10 program from half way through year 9 and his marks were as follows:
Year 8 final .....77% (16th in year)
Year 9 final .....87% (2nd in year)
Year 10 school final ....91% (2nd in year)
Year 10 External School Cert. ..... 92% (band 6)

So it is a big THANK YOU to maths power and I would recommend the program to anybody regardless of their current standard.
I notice you now have programs available for Physics and Chemistry and I will certainly be purchasing those for Andrew as he now enters year 11 and they are 2 of his electives.

Yours sincerely
Warwick O'Brien

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I wish to thank Maths POWER for a great program that I believe has enormously helped my daughters to enjoy & love math! Previously, my daughters were doing another math program (Kumon), this program was very repetitious & expensive. A friend told me about how Maths POWER had helped her children so I decided to give it a go. The results were absolutely fabulous! Because the instructions are clear & easy for the student to follow, my daughters were able to learn quickly and their skills were improved greatly, such that my oldest daughter is now working at an advanced level. My daughter is in Yr 9 (age wise) but is now doing math at Yr 10/11 level, and most importantly she is enjoying it.

Helen D.

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Dear Anthony and Felicity,

Since my two sons Stuart, Year 11 and Blake, Year 9 have commenced your program, the difference in their attitude towards maths is outstanding. It is thanks to your program that it has built their confidence and kept them on track with their current lessons.

Blake recently had his half yearly maths exam and went into it with such confidence. We still don't have his results but apparently it was an extremely hard 2 hour exam and geared for the elite students in his year. His class mates and those in the higher maths classes all said how hard it was.

Blake mentioned about a week and a half ago that he now fully understands what his maths teacher is saying. My husband Lindsay and I were so happy to see the turnaround in his attitude. And it is all because of your program.

I have been an avid voice telling all who will listen to me how wonderful your program is and I know that my sons will benefit from it in the future.

Kind regards,

Suzanne R
Sydney NSW

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I vaguely recalled hearing about you, so I went to your website, found out more, had my children do the diagnostic, and was basically very impressed with what I saw. That was later bourne out by my discussion with one of your team, so I bought the year 5-6 and 7-8 programs straight away. Very affordable, great program, no aggressive sales tactics - it's clearly on the level, sold by people of integrity, who have a true desire to help children.

Best Regards,

Linda Broady
Barden Ridge, Sydney

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I am an old Back to the Future client and have recently purchased the next 2 cd’s (year 9-10) & (11-12). We have returned as clients because your product is wonderful for the kids. It does the job and is affordable. Your staff are good at responding to queries.

I have spoken with Haydn who was very helpful. Our school also thinks your product is great as I have told them about it and Anthony had sent them a sample. I wish all the best.

Lee R.

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We recently purchased your product after considering the learning products in the market. We went for yours because it didn't want ridiculous up front fees without first allowing us to exam the sutability of the product. I can say that we are happy with your product (we only have yr 3 maths) but will probably take on other modules as our child progresses.

Your method of sales is the only honest way to promote a product to the market. It appears that you are not afraid for the consumer to test your product at a minimal fee (i.e. the price of the first module) and then decide if they want to take on the rest.

Rob Platteel

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I've purchased many times your products since I watched the Current Affairs program. It was years ago! Before, I enquired about other products, but nothing was close to yours. I found the Maths POWER product WAS and still IS THE BEST on the market. My three children greatly benefited from it and improved their maths skills.

My oldest son Jacob, is just completing the Actuarial Studies at the Australian National University in Canberra. He used Maths POWER from Primary School till year 12 of Marist College. When I asked him an hour ago if Maths POWER was ever helpful to him, he immediately answered that it was one of the best things that happened to him for his education.

My second son, Roman, currently year 12 student, also stated that the Maths POWER program improved his skills tremendously. He decided to follow the path of his older brother and study the Actuarial Studies at ANU. As you know, to be successful in Actuarial Studies course the highest skills in mathematics are required. Both my sons are brilliant mathematicians and always loved to use the MathPOWER program. They used it again and again.

My daughter Natalie (year 5 Primary) also loves the Maths POWER and I've been purchasing this program again as I found your product was continuously developed and improved.

I've heard about other products with something like $2,000 upfront payment then "pay as you go" option. I looked at that, it was laughable. I found the sales people were looking dishonest and having very little understanding of education. Life has taught me that that type of distribution always carries a big scam behind it.

When I saw the TV program about your Math program, I made a bet to buy it immediately. Today I think I hit the jackpot, your product was brilliant.

Chris Gowor,

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I live in Kalgoorlie WA, I have purchased Year 2 & 3, Year 5 & 6, Year 7 & 8, Year 9 & 10 and finally Year 11 basic Maths Power programs. They are helping my 4 children no end!!!


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I purchased one of your programs for our thirteen year old daughter. This was about a year ago and we are very happy with the results.

With in a couple of months into the tutoring we could see the change in her grades. She has improved 100% and now a year later she is one of the best in her class receiving merit certificates every couple of weeks.

She has not finished her program yet but we are ready to purchase the next package for year 9 10,11,and 12.

We are very happy with the product and our daughter is much more confident. Your company's good name (is) the one that we have come to know. We will not hesitate to refer your product to our friends.

Keep up the good work,

Freddy & Alicia Ferreira,
Winston Hills

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For your information, my daughter Nanette has progressed from a typical mathematics mark of 25% some 12 months ago to marks now in the 80-90% range. Attributable mostly to your BTF program, Nanette has built her confidence considerable and progressed this year from a Year 9 standard class to Year 9 intermediate (where she is now ranked in the upper end of her class). In parent teacher interviews recently the new teacher was noticeable surprised when told that we had concerns about her performance in the past.


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We wanted to let you know that Alex was given the year 7 general maths award. He went from failing maths in the first term to getting an A in term 4. He is thrilled with himself and today learnt he went up into the credit maths class for year 8. This is all due to maths power. Thank you very much,


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Just a quick email to tell you how impressed I am with the Maths Power program. I have three children in primary school, one in year 4 and 2 in year 3. I have been told that they are all coping at school but I wanted to give them extra help when it came to Maths to ensure they continue to understand and be confident with their work. I heard about the Maths Power challenge on 2GB and made my own enquiries. It is the only maths program that co-incides with the Australian Curriculum. I am more than happy to say that my children genuinely enjoy using the program. It is user friendly and caters for all levels. The program explains the topics in plain English and at the children’s level. I have sat with my children during each session and I can honestly say that each subject is so easy to understand and it is just like having a permanent tutor in your home. There is no greater joy then witnessing your children succeed through the program and enjoy the program at the same time. Their confidence and willingness to learn has increased as a result of using the program. I now have peace of mind that my children will confidently succeed in Maths and I will continue to use Maths Power for as long as they are at school. It is the best investment I have ever made for my children and an affordable one at that.


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I bought the Year 7-8 Maths POWER program for my daughter Nayna, at a time when she was a bit frustrated with mathematics. She considered that it was not a subject for her.

She did year 8 maths with the help of the maths program I bought. I noticed her interest in maths developed as she used this program.

Later on, I bought the year 9-10 Maths POWER program and with the help of it she has regained her confidence for this subject with out the help of any extra tutor.

Now she is a year 10 student at Randwick Girls High School, doing advanced maths and has chosen three units of maths for year 11 and 12.

The most interesting thing that I have noticed is that the Maths POWER program has given back to my daughter the confidence which she needed to continue this subject. She now enjoys maths.


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My son Edward has completed year 3 at John The Baptist Primary. He has used Maths POWER all year and improved to band 6 in the basics skills test.
We were unaware of earlier weaknesses. Proud dad.

Australia, NSW

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My daughter Ashton was in the bottom Maths group in Yr 7.After 2 years of using your program she has moved to the advanced Maths group in Yr 10.
She has gained a lot of knowledge and confidence Thank you

Australia, WA

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5th May 2005

Attention Anthony Tannous
Back to the Future Education (Aust) Pty Ltd
PO Box 165
Wentworthville NSW 2145

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter of the 28th April 2005, along with my son Blake's gift, which he was delighted with.

Blake's maths has improved to the extent that he now has more confidence in the classroom and is in the top 5-10% of his maths group. He has mastered division, the concept of which he could not grasp before Maths POWER.

We are very happy with the programme, which is child-friendly, very easy to understand and follow, and provides audio and visual tutoring. Blake can hop on the computer at a moments notice and do a lesson in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, he enjoys it very much and doesn't find it a chore at all, as there are no complaints when I tell him that he has to go and do some Maths POWER. He even has done some on weekends and even more on Sundays. Normally he does two lessons before school and sometimes two more lessons at night.

We would throughly recommend Maths POWER to any interested parent and you may use our letter of recommendation to promote your product if you wish.

Yours faithfully,

Tracey Huenerberd
Greenbank, QLD

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