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Comments by Laura Sherry on Tuesday, 22 February 2005 at 16:31
I did mathspower disc 1/2 and 2/3. I did not like it at first but now I like Maths a lot. I finally can tell the time correctly too. I love maths games at school and sometimes win them. I am in Year 4

Comments by Amanda Sadler on Tuesday, 8 February 2005 at 16:05
Amanda is in yr 9 at Merci Regional Coll and achieved A and A+ for yrly results after Bs and Cs in the half yearly. Finds the lesson explanations clear and easy to understand.

Comments by Tom Woods on Monday, 7 February 2005 at 08:46
Tom is a student at Orange High school and has moved this year from standard to intermediate class now in yr 9. Uses program regularly to reinforce lessons and conquered Pythagoras' theorem easily.

Comments by Carol Hua on Wednesday, 19 January 2005 at 13:49
I have been using MathsPOWER for 2 years and am now going into year 9 as an "A" maths student. MathsPOWER has given me confidence and understanding. I go to Birrong High.

Comments by Caitlin on Sunday, 2 January 2005 at 13:03
My name is Caitlin I have just finished Yr3. I started on disc 1/2. Disc 2/3 got harder and I had a rest. I started doing them again and enjoyed it so much I started doing more. I'm now up to disc 3/4

Comments by Tracey on Friday, 17 December 2004 at 15:33
My daughter's Yr.4 report: 'Amy has a positive attitude to Maths...has demonstrated an excellent understanding of the concepts and processes covered this year'. She is no longer frustrated with Maths.

Comments by Matthew on Wednesday, 8 December 2004 at 11:36
Matthew, a year 8 student ar St Andrews College achieved 76% in yearly exam,19 marks above class average. Studying yr 9 advanced next year thanks to mathsPOWER.Likes the way lessons are structured.

Comments by Alex on Monday, 6 December 2004 at 12:50
Student in year 10 Marist Bros Coll Randwick. Has improved from standard to advanced level over 18 months and recommended by teachers to take 2 unit extension yr 11-12.

Comments by William Poropat on Monday, 6 December 2004 at 12:42
My son Edward has completed year 3 at John The Baptist Primary.He has used MathsPOWER all year and improved to band 6 in the basics skills test.
We were unaware of earlier weaknesses.
Proud dad.

Comments by megan on Sunday, 5 December 2004 at 19:43
hey, i didnt used to see the point in using this math program but when my dad told me to try it out, i used it for a while and i couldnt be happier. my test results went from low 50% up to 90%.

Comments by Andrew on Monday, 29 November 2004 at 08:46
I am at Mentone Grammar and have been using M/power for 18 months. I have found it an excellent adjunct to class lessons. I am now in the top maths group and am taking m/methods 1 and 2 this year.

Comments by Christine A on Tuesday, 16 November 2004 at 14:48
I completed the 4-5 Mathspower program and in the Year 5 Basic Skills Test I got 45 out of 48 correct.

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