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What Students Are Saying About Maths POWER


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Hi, my name is Shayla. I am 8 years old and in year 3.

This is my fourth year of using MathsPower. I started using it in pre-primary and I love it!

This is the first year that I have done the NAPLAN test and MathsPower helped me score at the top of Band 6 which goes to show that it really does work.

I also do my times tables every day, usually when we are walking home from school and sometimes while my Mum does my hair. It only takes a few minutes to say them. I find that knowing my times tables really well has helped me a lot with my maths.

Shayla Costello
Hillarys WA

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Shayla with her Maths Power.

Shayla with her Maths Power.

Sam and Cal with their certificates. Maths power rocks

Thank you so much maths power creators. With your help mum has been able to homeschool us better than any school we have tried. Now we know our times tables really well. We are proud of ourselves.


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Dear mathspower!

My name is Lily and I am enjoying my maths power lessons sooooo much!!!

I have found that the more maths you do the funner it gets!!!!

I have been doing a lot of my maths power over the last week because I am enjoying it so much!!! I have been doing maths power since I was in prep and now I am in year 3 and my teacher is telling me that my progress is GREAT!! and she is so inpressed that i am doing my mathspower!

I am having so much fun with my mathspower and I am going to keep doing lots of maths because it helps me so much at the moment at school, I like it sooo much that I try to do even more in the holidays!!!!

And Thank-you for the cool gifts in our reward!

From Lily Rolfe

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Lily with her Maths Power.

Hi my name is Mary Johnson and I love doing the maths power program. I didn't like maths but after I started with the maths power program l'm enjoying maths'

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Mary with her Maths Power

Joel Tyrrell
Home Schooled
Battle Creek

Hello All, I would like to say mathsPOWER is the BEST!
I have been repeating a lot of maths as revision but have still found things in it that I had not been taught. Multiplication tables(6-12) are finally in my memory in a matter of 4d. THANKS

Joel Tyrrell

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Joel learning Maths home school

Hi, My name is Clayton Eltis. Ilive in Brisbane, Queensland and I am 8. This is my story.

Thank you Maths Power for helping me to gain enough knowledge to get a High Distinction in the Grade 3 UNSW Maths Competition this year. I got to go up on the stage at school and everyone gave me a big clap. Then some of my friends gave me hugs and congratulated me. It made me feel very special.

Thank you,
From Clayton

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Clayton with his Certificate.

Hi, I am in year 4. I have had lots of Math test - Ilove math. In 10 of my math tests i have got only 1 or 0 wrong. Thankyou - I really want to say thank you- thanks for helping me.
Nichaela Popplewell

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mathspower has really helped me with my times table by 40% to 100% im really happy maths power has really helped me.

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I have been using MathsPower since I was in Yr5 and I recently was accepted into a selective school. I recommend this program because it can improve people's maths results and it works!
Christine A.

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hey, i didnt used to see the point in using this math program but when my dad told me to try it out, i used it for a while and i couldnt be happier. my test results went from low 50% up to 90%.

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Yr10 student at Camberwell High. Thank you for your great maths software that has guided me from being a D grade student to an A+ student. I used to get 55-60%, now I get 90%+. A brilliant program.


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My name is Cobie and just recently graduated from year 12. We have used the discs for years 7 E12 and I have found that they helped me to go from an average student to a high achieving student. I graduated from school with an A+ in Maths B (Advanced Course). Now I am a student at Griffith University on the gold coast studying a Bachelor of Biomedical science. Back to the Future Mathematics helped me to get to where I am now, and is in my opinion a very worthwhile investment.


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I have been using Maths POWER for 2 years and am now going into year 9 as an "A" Maths student. Maths POWER has given me confidence and understanding.
I go to Birrong High.

Carol Australia, NSW

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