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MathsPOWER - 9-10 Lesson List


Please Note: We have incorporated lessons from each state and territory's syllabus plus included further extension lessons so that Maths POWER caters for all Australian states & territories and covers the syllabus nationally and internationally.

Number ・span style="mso-spacerun: yes">  Review


Assumed knowledge from Years 7 & 8

Review assessment  Year 7 & 8
Rational numbers
 Recurring decimals
Approximations and Estimation
Significant figures
Angles, triangles and quadrilaterals
Working Mathematically-

Problem Solving

Problem solving techniques 1
Problem solving techniques 2
Solving complex problems
Using Venn diagrams
Algebraic Techniques -

Algebraic Expressions




Algebraic fractions


Algebraic Expressions
Generalised arithmetic
Simplifying algebraic expressions
Algebraic fractions -Addition and subtraction
Algebraic fractions - Multiplication and division
Measurement ・o:p>

Surface area, Volume

Review - Perimeter, area and volume
Surface area of prisms
Surface area of cylinders
Surface area of composite solids
Volume of prisms
Volume of cylinders
Volume of composite solids
Application of measurement
Surface area ・pyramid, cone, sphere
Volume - pyramid, cone, sphere
Data Analysis and Evaluation



Frequency and cumulative frequency
 Analysing data
 Adding and averaging
Grouped data
Measures of spread ・Standard Deviation  - Interquartile range
Box and whisker plots
Comparing data
Rational Numbers ・o:p>







Fractional Indicies


Scientific Notation


Index Laws - adding and subtracting
Index Laws - multiplying and dividing
Index Laws ・the zero index
Negative indices - adding and subtracting
Negative indices - multiplying and dividing
Fractional indices
Evaluating Fractional indices
Scientific (Standard) Numbers - Multiplying and dividing
Scientific (Standard) Numbers -Numbers less than 1
Examination 1 Revision Assessment
Real Numbers ・



Surds ・rational and irrational numbers in the real number system
Irrational numbers eg √2, √3
Surds ・addition and subtraction
Surds ・multiplying and dividing
Finding square roots
Consumer Arithmetic



Earning and spending money - Budgeting
Compound interest
Reducible interest
Home loans
Successive discounts



Theoretical probabilities
Experimental probabilities
Probability ・compound events
Mutually exclusive events
Deductive Geometry Review of Pythagoras・Theorem
Finding size of in parallel lines
Finding size of in triangles
Finding size of in quadrilaterals
Non-numerical exercises
Congruent triangles ・Proving congruency
Finding unknown sides ・using congruency.
Examination 2 Revision Assessment
Algebraic Techniques ・o:p>

Algebraic expressions




















Simultaneous equations


















Problem solving with equations and Equivalent equations
Simplifying algebraic expressions ・grouping symbols
Expanding and simplifying algebraic expressions
Binomial expressions ・adding and subtracting
Binomial expressions ・multiplying and  dividing
Binomial products
Rationalizing binomial denominators
Perfect squares
Difference of two squares
Quadratic expressions
Equations involving fractions Pt 1
Equations with fractions Pt 2
Linear equations
Quadratic equations
Simultaneous Equations
Solving problems by 組uess and check・o:p>
The algebraic solution  by Substitution method
The algebraic solution  by Elimination method
Solving problems using simultaneous equations
Quadratic equations as part of Simultaneous  equations
Solving inequalities or inequations
Graphing inequalities or inequations
Rearranging literal equations
Evaluating the subject
Using substitution on equations

Using formulae to Solve problems

Algebraic Techniques ・o:p>



Sum and Difference
Multiplying Polynomials
Factor theorem
Remainder theorem
Curve sketching
Examination 3 Revision Assessment
Techniques ・o:p>



Common factors

Grouping in pairs
Difference of two squares 
 Difference of two cubes
Quadratic trinomials 1
Quadratic trinomials 
Deductive Geometry Review
Similarity, angles and ratios of sides
Scale factor
Triangle - proofs for similarity
Similar figures - (Area and sides)
Solids - Similarity
Linear Relationships -


Coordinate Geometry











Number plane graphs

The number plane
 The distance between two points
 The midpoint of an interval
 The gradient of a line
Graphing straight lines
y=mx+b: - The gradient吠ntercept form of a straight line
The equation of a straight line, given gradient and point
The equation of a straight line, given two points
Parallel and perpendicular lines
Graphing inequalities on the number plane
Graphing regions on the number plane

The parabola

Applying coordinate geometry techniques to solving problems
Examination 4 Revision Assessment
Graphs of Physical Phenomena



Linear graphs - Time / Distance graphs
Non-linear graphs
Interpreting and relating graphs to physical phenomena
#Functions and Logarithms Functions
Inverse functions
Quadratic functions
Logarithms - Laws
Exponential equations
Exponential graphs
Trigonometry 1



Right-angled triangles and the ratio of sides
The trigonometric ratios
 The exact values for the trig. ratios of 30ー, 60ー and 45ー 469
 Finding an unknown side
Finding an unknown angle
Using trigonometry to solve prolems
Trigonometry 2



Acute and obtuse angles
Sine Rule
Cosine Rule
Area of a triangle
#Circle Geometry


Chord properties
Angle properties
Tangent properties
Other properties
Examination 5 Revision Assessment



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