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Ask Anthony for Education Help for expert help with questions about education, my child's maths, learning or schooling.

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My Letters


English POWER Feedback


Hi Haydn,

Haydn, I'd like to thank you for your support and assistance with Maths Power and English Power.

We have recently started home schooling our children and your teaching programs have become an integral part of our kids' schooling.

I love that I can stand back and allow the kids to learn Maths and English at their own pace and have confidence in knowing that they're learning everything they need to know and getting the practice as well.

I also like that the lessons are very thorough, incremental and are broken down to a size that is very easy for the kids to understand.

We have three kids and they all learn different levels of maths at the same time. I'm very happy with the programs and they're making my life much easier as a home schooling parent. Thanks again.

Guy Tebbutt.

Hi Anthony,

The lessons are fabulous. Both girls 8 & 4 years old who are currently working through your programs, thoroughly enjoy them and really like the teacher's voice, as it is so softly spoken and the way in which she speaks and teaches is so easy for the girls to understand.

As a Home Schooling Educating Parent, as well as having a daughter completing VCE this year, I have found your programs very empowering, not only for myself, but for the children to use.

Using your programs as guidance to teach the girls in the sequential learning order has been very reassuring. I can see how very important these steps are. It makes choosing our text books to work out of much easier as well.

The girls go excitedly at their own pace and actively take responsibility towards organising the lessons and printing off their own work sheets. After completion and the results have been added, each lesson is pasted into a special book to proudly show Dad that night, and family and friends when they come to visit.

It’s wonderful having the assurance that you are available to speak to throughout the day if its required. You’ve all been very helpful and your positive feedback for myself has been greatly appreciated.

I Just wanted to say a very big thank you to Learning Power for providing such informative programs for our children to use.

I can only say to anyone who is thinking about purchasing these programs, “What are you waiting for? EAfter years of researching to Home Educate our children, they are by far the best programs around and are of exceptional value for money.

I will continue to purchase your programs and look forward to providing a positive learning environment for our girls to grow and learn in. For us, fun is learning and learning is fun! We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks Learning Power,

Kind Regards,
Kim Gaunt & Girls

Hello. English Power is INCREDIBLE. Please accept my sincere thanks for taking the initiative to create such an empowering learning tool. After only three lessons I can already see the positive impact upon my eight year old boy. Your site empowers children with the rules of good spelling and perfect grammar. Thank you.

Greta Claringbould , ACT.

The new English program is just as fantastic as Maths POWER. Theses are absolutely the best educational purchases we have made for our children.

The Morgan Family, QueensLand.

The EnglishPOWER program has demystified the rules of grammar and punctuation for my children and for me!

Joe Assaf, Oatlands, NSW.

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