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What Teachers And Principals Are Saying About Maths POWER


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Brother Thomas Rice ・Patrictian Nalu College PNG




Brother Thomas Rice fsp

Allan Jones Principal St Clair High School Sydney

鉄t Clair High School has over 400 students using the system at home. [2006/07 Update: Now purchased programs for all 1,000 maths students for use at home and at school instead of text books.] There is no question in my mind that Maths POWER is of enormous benefit to those students fortunate enough to be using the system in their own time at home.

Our results in the 2003 School Certificate and Higher School Certificate have confirmed this benefit with our Mathematics 2 Unit class recording the best results in the history of the school with an increase of 19 points over the 2002 HSC results.

Within the class we have seen children improve quite dramatically in as little as two months. We have seen improvements in class exam results from 20% to 65%, 48% to 75%, 49% to 88% and 54% to 69%. These are very pleasing results but the most striking change has been the improvement in the students・attitude towards mathematics.

This success is boosting students・sense of pride and satisfaction in learning overall and, as a principal, I知 very excited by that.

Our School P&C is fully supportive of this initiative and welcomes the opportunity to promote the Maths POWER program to our school community.・/i>

Allan Jones

D'Arcy Watson ・Kogarah High School

In trying to best help the teens in my year 7 to 12 high school support class for those with intellectually disabilities, I tried various approaches and programs. Eventually I came across MathsPower and investigated it, and phoned other schools using it. Encouraged by what I discovered, I took the plunge to try MathsPower.

The results have been most rewarding! Each student is happily, even enthusiastically, working at their own individual level. And their time on task? The percentages for an IM class (those with an intellectual disability) is about 30 - 35%, but with MathsPower the pupils are normally engaged productively virtually 100% of the time. While all are gainfully employed, some work away steadily, but others with a more competitive outlook sprint to beat the others and these students can complete amazing amounts of work when they are challenged in this way.

Apart from greatly enhanced attitudes, improved confidence and increased participation, the standards of Maths skills have improved also, but this will be better seen when the diagnostic tests are administered at the start of next year.

Dr Peter Waterman ・Head of Middle School - Coverdale Christian College

的 have seen the positive effects of the Maths POWER program on many students, I have also used it with my own child. I would recommend the program to any parent or teacher.・

Father Chris Riley ・Youth Off The Streets

的 strongly support and endorse the Maths POWER program because I have used it on the kids in my care and I can see the difference it makes・/p>

Father Chris Riley

Cathy Brown (Editor ・Virtual Teacher)

Below is a review of the Maths POWER program by Cathy Brown, a teacher who spends an enormous amount of time and energy in putting together the 典eachers On-Line @ Virtual Teacher・website and monthly newsletter for teachers.

This review appeared in the newsletter and web site in November 2003.

Maths POWER - Software - made for Australian students by Australian teachers
Back to the Future Education

的MAGINE, there痴 that word again, one of my favourites.

Imagine a lesson in which you explained a concept from beginning to end logically, with a little flair, a few insightful comments and NO interruptions. No knock on the door, visit from the head teacher, collections for charity, reminders about the Sports Carnival, loud speaker announcements, giggles from the 2 boys at the back, pencils dropped, thrown, sharpened, pencil cases opened, closed, dropped, recovered, no absolutely urgent questions about the lunchtime activities for the junior school open day in 2 weeks time, no emergency gossip, visiting parents, late notes, toilet requests, injury reports; 全TOP・ she says, IF YOUR NOT ACTUALLY BLEEDING PROFUSELY NOW, then you値l just have to wait till I have finished speaking, type of interruptions. Imagine it, the power, the learning, the satisfaction.

The Maths POWER folk have given a teacher this opportunity, and it is brilliant. The voice over teacher explains each Maths concept logically, in a consistent manner. The teacher asks questions to provoke thought and engage the listener. The voice is not patronizing, it is informative, it makes you feel as if you are being let in on Mathematics・little secrets・

Like any good teacher, the Maths POWER teachers break problems down into smaller components and consistently solve problems using the same logical steps. The instructions are simple and clear and it seems as though the teacher is talking directly to you. The lessons work from the simple to the complex in logical steps, and with no interruptions, even algebra can seem easy.

So how does it all work?

・fter logging into the program the student watches and listens to a lesson. At the end of the lesson you print out an exercise sheet for the student to attempt a number of questions.

Once the questions are answered using good old pen and paper, the results are entered into the computer. Click OK, and the percentage achieved is displayed. YOU CAN HAVE A SECOND TRY if you have not achieved 90% or more. This is great, you really feel in charge, you have the power. Correct those few pesky little mistakes.

Once 90% is achieved you can progress to the next lesson.

The program keeps a record of your results and progress; you can also keep a written record ・There you have it, Bob痴 your uncle.
Slick, effective and NO interruptions.

The presentation is simple, it doesn稚 try and get too complex and uses predictable procedures. Headphones are an advantage; a non-interruptible clear concise explanation of mathematical concepts is a dream.

This program represents a new style of software. It provides a comprehensive program covering the mathematics syllabus ... It allows students to progress at their own speed and evaluate and control their own learning, to repeat lessons as many or as few times as they need.

Students who learn quickly are accommodated; students who learn slowly are accommodated.

By using the Maths POWER programs the pressure is off the teacher to pitch a lesson to the whole class, basic mathematics can be learned individually by students at their own pace in their own time. Mini lessons can be given in an ordered logical manner without interruption・

Maria Lavermicocca

Dear Anthony

My son Oliver was struggling with Maths because he could not understand what was explained to him in the classroom. His Speech Pathologist reported that he has 殿 mild expressive language delay... Oliver needs to be given visual cues whenever appropriate to help his comprehension.・

Last year I purchased one module of the Maths Power Program for Oliver. I was impressed how quickly Oliver went through the program. He was motivated to do one or two lessons each night because he was learning very quickly and as a result gaining confidence. The lessons were simple to follow and once completed, he confidently tackled the accompanying worksheet.

I considered the program to be reasonably priced when compared to the heavily advertised alternatives. You only need to buy the module that your child requires which makes it all the more affordable. It may also be a good alternative to maths tutoring for a child because the software is readily available to use when it is convenient for the student and parent.

The beauty of this program is that the lessons can be repeated over and over until the student understands what is being taught. Students can revise a lesson at any time.

Most importantly, the program never puts the child down as adults can do when they become frustrated.

As a teacher I see it as a perfect teacher痴 aid for slow learners in a school setting. Slow learners require one on one tutoring. It is impossible to help each child in the classroom during a lesson when they don稚 understand what has been taught. Many children are embarrassed to tell you that they have not understood what has been taught to them.

Learning and understanding the basics of maths is very important to future success in this subject. I am fortunate that I am able to teach my son and help him. The reason why I bought the program is that in reality there are many interruptions in the afternoon which prevent me from finding the time to tutor him. After having taught all day I can become impatient with him when he does not comprehend what I am teaching him. The program is always available to him and he can use it on his own without me having to stop what I am doing. Although I check his work and supervise his use of the program, I can do other things at the same time.

Success in Maths comes when students are assisted to gain a clear and confident understanding. You really need to be able to support your child at home when they can稚 do the work. Maths Power assists me in teaching Oliver the basic fundamentals. It will help him to be able to continue to work confidently in Mathematics at school.

I highly recommended this program to parents who don稚 feel confident in helping their children on their own. It is an excellent tool to assist students to attain the fundamentals which they may have missed in the classroom. Proper teaching of mathematics is invaluable to every child痴 future.

Yours sincerely

Maria Lavermicocca

Tracey Walker - Perth

Hi Anthony,

Your program has been great for my kids aged 5 & 7. As a high school teacher I know how important it is for kids to feel success at school as it keeps them engaged in every subject.

Maths is key to a child feeling that they know how to learn.

When students at my high school tell me that they are struggling in maths I direct them to your website as it is such great value for money.

Have a great day
Tracey Walker


Hi again,

Now 3 years into using Maths Power we find that we don't need to use it on a regular basis. Both of the kids are in the top Maths group since starting on Maths Power 3 years ago and both regularly get Distinctions in Australian Maths competitions - telling me that the work on Maths Power must be closely aligned to syllabus outcomes.

I still love having Maths Power disks to refer to though. It really helps me when the kids are having problems we can go to the lessons lists and pull up the correct topic. We would use them once a month for my 2 oldest children and my little one can start using them next year when he goes to school. It is a fantastic, affordable way to explain Maths knowing that the way the computer explains things in the same lingo that the teacher uses in the classroom. It also gives the kids confidence knowing that if they don't understand things in the classroom it is not the end of the world as there is always the Maths Power disk to refer to at home.

Perth WA

Adden Using Maths Power

Carmel Brownhill - Victoria

Carmel Brownhill
School Teacher

Of the 3 [maths programs] we looked at Maths Power appealed to us because it was bright, colourful, attractive, interactive and stimulating. As we consider Luke to be a visual learner we thought it looked perfect for him.

...What amazed me the most about sitting and watching Luke as he did his work was the errors that are not obvious when you only correct a worksheet at the end. Watching what he did and how he did it taught me more than the score on the paper. What I found is that he never ever double checked his work. Such a simple procedure has made a dramatic alteration to his accuracy...

Just for your info. I am a school teacher and have been mentioning your program to anyone needing extra help.

Thanks heaps...

Carmel Brownhill
School Teacher

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