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What Psychologists Are Saying About Maths POWER


Drs Ron and Su Farmer
Directors of the Toogoolawa Schools Project.

Both clinical psychologists, are the heart & soul of Toogoolawa providing overall guidance for running of schools and individual counselling We unreservedly recommend Maths POWER to all parents of school-age children.

We have been blessed with really generous gifts of educational software from Back To The Future Education. This innovative, switched-on company has raced to the forefront of educational software development and sales. In 2002 our Toogoolawa School in Newcastle first heard about 'Back-to-the-Future's' highly effective Maths POWER program in a news item reporting that Father Riley's workers were amazed at how keen their hundreds of Sydney 'street kids' were to use it.

A visit to meet the owner Anthony Tannous and his loyal Parramatta team in mid 2002, resulted in the gifting of twelve Maths POWER programs (then valued at $400) to the two Toogoolawa Schools at Ormeau (QLD) and Wickham (Newcastle), (and a further five to QLD when the first lot were stolen). Soon after we began using them we found that Maths POWER truly does work wonders for our students. Some Toogoolawa students who were unable to repeat even one of the 'times tables', nor add simple numbers, were soon celebrating their 100 percent successes one after the other.E

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