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Ask Anthony for Education Help for expert help with questions about education, my child's maths, learning or schooling.

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My Letters


What Homeschoolers Are Saying About Maths POWER


I have been using MathsPOWER for several years now. (Prior to this) I had been homeschooling my 5 children for some time, but as the children became older and their Maths more advanced, I found more and more of every day was spent working through long and involved maths problems and explaining concepts that they "didn't get it".

In the end, after getting to 4 pm most days, and finding that I had achieved little else in either the home or the schoolroom except Maths, I decided there had to be a better way.

And there was. MathsPOWER has freed me up to concentrate on a wider range of subjects and making our school day more interesting. The children are spending no more than half an hour on Maths most days and are working at, or slightly ahead of, their year level.

The big benefit I have found is that where the children found it easier to ask me to explain something instead of trying to go back and understand it themselves, now I can just direct them back to their lesson and ask them to watch it again.

On the rare occasions that they have watched it 3 times and still don't understand it, I then explain it to them. The MathsPOWER lessons are both visual and aural, as they would be presented in a school environment, and they are short enough to keep the student's concentration. I am happy because I know they are learning from an Australian curriculum and are keeping up with their age level at school. They don't advance to the next lesson until they achieve 90% in the previous lesson, and there are comprehensive tests in the middle and at the end so that by the time they finish a year level, they are ready for the next level of work.

We have all the levels of MathsPOWER, right from earliest primary Maths to the most advanced year 11 and 12 Maths. And incidentally, we found that some of our kids had a natural inclination to Maths and others really found it a struggle. So by the time they get to Year 11 and 12, there is a choice of different levels for kids of different aptitudes, just as they would find in senior high school.

I am very thankful for MathsPOWER, both for the extra time it has given me in my school day and also for the peace of mind I have knowing their Maths is taken care of and they are working up to their year level.

Kind regards,

Linda Janssen

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Hi Haydn,

Haydn, I'd like to thank you for your support and assistance with Maths Power and English Power.

We have recently started home schooling our children and your teaching programs have become an integral part of our kids' schooling.

I love that I can stand back and allow the kids to learn Maths and English at their own pace and have confidence in knowing that they're learning everything they need to know and getting the practice as well.

I also like that the lessons are very thorough, incremental and are broken down to a size that is very easy for the kids to understand.

We have three kids and they all learn different levels of maths at the same time. I'm very happy with the programs and they're making my life much easier as a home schooling parent. Thanks again.

Guy Tebbutt.

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Hi Anthony,

The lessons are fabulous. Both girls 8 & 4 years old who are currently working through your programs, thoroughly enjoy them and really like the teacher's voice, as it is so softly spoken and the way in which she speaks and teaches is so easy for the girls to understand.

As a Home Schooling Educating Parent, as well as having a daughter completing VCE this year, I have found your programs very empowering, not only for myself, but for the children to use.

Using your programs as guidance to teach the girls in the sequential learning order has been very reassuring. I can see how very important these steps are. It makes choosing our text books to work out of much easier as well.

The girls go excitedly at their own pace and actively take responsibility towards organising the lessons and printing off their own work sheets. After completion and the results have been added, each lesson is pasted into a special book to proudly show Dad that night, and family and friends when they come to visit.

Its wonderful having the assurance that you are available to speak to throughout the day if its required. Youve all been very helpful and your positive feedback for myself has been greatly appreciated.

I Just wanted to say a very big thank you to Learning Power for providing such informative programs for our children to use.

I can only say to anyone who is thinking about purchasing these programs, What are you waiting for? EAfter years of researching to Home Educate our children, they are by far the best programs around and are of exceptional value for money.

I will continue to purchase your programs and look forward to providing a positive learning environment for our girls to grow and learn in. For us, fun is learning and learning is fun! We wouldnt have it any other way.

Thanks Learning Power,

Kind Regards,
Kim Gaunt & Girls

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Joel Tyrrell
Home Schooled
Battle Creek

Hello All, I would like to say mathsPOWER is the BEST!
I have been repeating a lot of maths as revision but have still found things in it that I had not been taught. Multiplication tables(6-12) are finally in my memory in a matter of 4d. THANKS

Joel Tyrrell

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Joel learning Maths home school

Using MathsPower My 12 year old daughter is a bright and enthusiastic student, but really struggled with mathematics and came to hate it with passion, feeling that she would never master it, and dreading maths period each day. I discovered Mathspower by researching online maths programs on the web and inviting my daughter to do the free trial lesson. She found she could do it and actually understood it - Wow! what a turning point that was! We subscribed and she now does Mathspower each day with no problems at all. She is progressing so quickly, that even though she's in "catch-up" mode, she's powering ahead and easily reaching goals.

I am grateful for the program too, because it takes the pressure off me, struggling to help her with a subject which was never my forte, and for the affordable fee there is a qualified and very easy-to-understand teacher (Aussie voice a wonderful bonus!!!) explaining each lesson. As well it is visually appealing and very clearly presented for the student. The added option of having a teacher available on the end of the phone is another reasssuring feature of the program too, but we haven't had to use that facility so far.

Cheers and thanks to everyone at Mathspower!

Kind regards
Anne and Clorinda England

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Dear Anthony,

What a Saviour. I home school my two children and since purchasing Maths POWER my children have excelled in maths. They love the fact it is computerised and I love the fact they still need to put pen to paper. Joel my 11yo has completed 2 years maths since February as I put him back a couple of years and I was stunned how many facets he had missed through his public schooling. Denika went back 1 year and is enjoying her progress she is 75% through her first year. BEST of ALL Ethey are progressing at their personal speed and not feeling trapped and getting further behind. If they need to repeat a lesson it is certainly possible. Away they go if they want to move ahead they can. Joel is an excellent example, although he is getting to a point where the work is becoming challenging. We love maths at our house and look forward to English POWER I guarantee we will be one of the first families to purchase the program! Thanks Maths POWER keep up the great work.

Our mailman knows when the children have reached a goal as Denika runs down the drive yelling a letter for me/you from Maths POWER!!Ebr>
The Tyrrell Family

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Tyrrell kids learning Maths home school

Tyrrell kids learning Maths home school

Michael Recieving his Award Hullo!
This is a photo of my daughter Arlee receiving her first certificate!
We started Maths Power just a few weeks ago our home schooling program.
Arlee is being introduced to new concepts and with the ability to rerun the lessons it is valuable way to reinforce the lessons.
Thanks Maths Power!


Adrienne Francis
Yacht Indigo
Rebak Island Marina,

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Hi, just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for the "showbag" of goodies which you sent out with our recent order. As you can expect, the kids loved it!

One of the fantastic things about Mathspower is that all the lessons and questions are set out in an ordered fashion and the tutorials are quite easily understood by our children which means that my involvement is not as onorus as it was when we were doing maths out of a book. With four kids this is naturally a huge bonus! The kids actually have mentioned that they like the "self-disciplined" nature of the program as well.

The flow of the lessons seems to work well with the kids as well. Each of the lessons are a very workable length and there is not a lot of meaningless repetitive work.

One of our daughters was struggling with maths before we started the Mathspower program but her attitude and self confidence with Maths has improved to the extent that she even sometimes looks forward to doing her maths lessons for the day. (sometimes!)

The program allows the children to work at whichever level they are at, and the encouragement awards at half way and the end of each level are a good incentive booster for the kids.

This program works for us as homeschoolers with 4 kids and therefore limited time!

Cheers, Megan Shiel
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My children are now being home educated after spending years at school. From becoming quite disinterested in maths, getting decreasingly lower marks in school and not understanding each level sufficiently enough before having to move on to the next in high school, I have been impressed by my children's reactions to your program since purchasing it.

Some days my younger son voluntarily does FOUR lessons a day and is pleased that he is getting a very high percentage, so far, in all of the tests. I don't think I need to say that his Mum is pretty pleased too!

To see a child regain interest and enthusiasm and WANTING to do maths, is pretty darn wonderful to my mind. Thank you!

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Josiah - Enjoys doing his maths each day. Has found Maths POWER very helpful in creating a daily programme for his maths and has improved.

David - Improved with the system and has only had to re-do a few as he is really learning well.

Grace - The biggest improver with her maths. Loves doing her Maths POWER each day.

The kids do not do any exams as they are homeschooled. Annette and I love the Maths POWER system as it was recommended to us by another home school family.


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As you know we educate our seven children at home, so I suppose our experience will be somewhat different to the average parent who sends their children to school. However it is not difficult to see the benefits would be just as far reaching.

From a home schooling perspective, we considered one of the great advantages of the program would be to free up time for my wife. This has in fact occurred though to a greater degree than we hoped. Now that two children at a time are doing their mathematics in automatic pilot as it were, requiring very little supervision, much more time can be spent with the other children and their various subjects. This has proved invaluable, as all the children in all subjects progress. Possibly the most enjoyable bonus however, for our children at least, is that they are as enthusiastic five months into the program at all levels, as they were at their initial encounter. With your experience, you would no doubt recognise the tremendous benefit when students are actively enthusiastic with regards their endeavors.

Bobbie also says the program has streamlined the organisation of the schoolroom. She considers she is much more organised, and this in itself is reassuring for her. You have seen our set up on your visit. I have always considered it about as sharp a home school set up can be. It ran like clockwork. Your program however has vastly improved its functionality and I have no doubt having done this, will improve the outcome for all our children over the entire spectrum of the subjects studied here.

It has already been of great benefit, and we are sure more benefits are yet untapped. We are then grateful to you for your assistance and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial association.E

Robert and Bobbie

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