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Seven signs that a child is losing interest in their schooling


From working with thousands of students over many years, our team of educators have listed 7 key warning signs of which you as parents should be aware. They may be an indication that your child is losing interest in their schooling and it's important that you resolve the problem as soon as possible.

  1. One-word answers to questions about their schooling or a reluctance to talk about their academic achievement.
    For example: Parent: "How are you coping with your mathematics?" Child: "Good."
  2. Signs of laziness.
    In most cases, laziness is a sign that the child does not know where to start their work. This child loses confidence very quickly. The problem of laziness usually disappears when a child understands their work.
  3. An inability to multiply, divide, subtract or add without the use of a calculator.
    These skills should have been mastered by Year Six. Urgent help is required if these skills have not been mastered by Year Seven. Calculators tend to hide these problems.
  4. Frustration when asked to complete homework, or a statement that they don't have any.
    Again, this is often an indication that the child does not understand the work.
  5. Loss of career ambitions and a general lack of idea as to what career they would like to try.
    Children still performing well at school tend to have more definite ambitions. This can be a problem even in primary school.
  6. "I study better with the radio on!"
    This child is not interested in his or her schoolwork and is looking to do something of more interest while going through the motions of study.
  7. Behavioural problems at school or at home.
    The student is bored and frustrated because he or she doesn't understand what is happening. These problems often disappear as the student gains confidence in their ability to handle their schoolwork.

Does your child exhibit any of the above signs? Our experience shows that urgent attention is required if your child shows any of these signs. Early attention prevents deeper problems from developing.

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